Partytecture specialises in the design and execution of temporary on-brand environments for live events

Our clients value coherent design, integrity and flawless execution

Sali Gray, Creative Director

My passion is design.
My speciality is designing temporary spaces.
Spaces for business to perform, show, share, inform and inspire.

Good design for events is purposeful and driven by commercial needs.
I believe that good event design should be coherent and understated.

Ronan Royer, Operations Director

My work is to ensure an efficient and faultless delivery.
No detail is too small , and it is this considered approach at all stages of planning that will make your event a success.
I believe in cooperation, openness and honesty. We work with trusted partners to achieve the very best solution.
Each event is unique.  And I never stop learning.

I just wanted to thank you both for hard work on this event.
We’re had great feedback already and that is in no small part down to the staging/set/dressing and overall production of the the event.  I was thrilled with the look and feel of the set and the bar and think it’s pretty fantastic that you managed to bring the original brief to such vibrant fruition despite all of the many challenges along the way.



Just a quick note to thank you all personally and on behalf of the whole team for the great contribution you made to our Summit this week. It has been a pleasure working with you and I have been impressed by your professionalism throughout the event.



I  wanted to send a HUGE thank you to you and your amazing team for another fantastic ‘best-ever’ event!  Not only the main theatre, which was beautiful and flawless, but also all the extra work that went into creating the beautiful and effective use of space in the other areas and venues.


As always, you did us proud. The set looked very clean, smart and modern – just what was needed. And all the dressing in the tech area also worked very well.  As always – just lovely to work with you.   I’ll look forward to the next time…


Our ethos


Designing for events is about understanding the remit and adapting to the given circumstances of venue and location.  It’s about searching for the right design solution, with one eye on the detail and other eye on the whole.

With temporary and built elements to consider, it is about comprehension of layout, volumes and how objects and forms and people interact with one another.

Good event design is not all about those important first impressions and impact. It is also about how the spaces function and perform in an optimum way for guests and client alike.

Event Planning

Event planning and execution is not rocket science.

It is about forethought and understanding the many moving parts.  About managing budgets, timings, technical specifications, lead times and on-site implementation.

It is about anticipating the interaction between the various event elements, and ensuring that all involved parties understand their part in the whole.

Event planning and execution is about clarity, shared expectations, and assumptions not being made.

Our approach


Understanding your objectives and your event, focusing on exact requirements and possible needs. This is all about specifications to create a coherent whole.

In detail

  • Understanding your event objectives
  • Exploring your brief and discussing options
  • Venue visits to understand all parameters
  • Technical AV specification
  • Discussion around branding
  • Determining signage requirements
  • Talking about furniture and room layouts
  • Considering the event flow
  • Understanding the venue
  • Gathering all other relevant information


Based on the specifications agreed, we will visualise your event. It is our aim that you fully understand what to expect, and our challenge to ensure that it matches exactly.

In detail

  • 3D visuals of the event space with furniture
  • 3D visuals showing branding options
  • 3D visuals of the set
  • Visualising camera positions
  • Mood boards for colour choices
  • Illustrations and pictures of furniture
  • Mock ups of branding on site.
  • Proof of artwork to be printed
  • Overall schematics to understand guest flow
  • Protocol plans: who goes where

Make it happen

With a hands-on approach, all aspects of your event will now become a reality. Fine planning, logistics, H&S, scheduling, venue liaison, and on-site production management is what we do best.

In detail

  • Precise schedules from load-in to load-out
  • Delivery and collection manifestos for venue loading bay
  • On site production management & supervision
  • Dressing and layout plans of all spaces
  • Technical schematics to ensure a precise delivery
  • Rehearsals schedules and planning
  • Constant liaison with client throughout event
  • Integration with venue event team
  • Full health & safety documentations

I have to say I also really enjoyed working on this one. It made my life pretty easy having such concise delivery schedules, and knowing we could have open discussions when any challenges came up throughout the event, so thank you. Your various teams were also a real pleasure to work with.


It looked fantastic and we were all really pleased. I look forward to working with you next year or on other projects.

I had to leave before I could thank you for all the hard work you and your team put in to make the Summit a success last week. The AV set up was very complex with a lot of last minute requests from the speakers, and everyone thought the event was well executed.

It all went very smoothly and had a classy look.  That is only achieved through a lot of skill and attention from everyone concerned.  Very many thanks to all.